Buzz Killer pries open a door on a world that has taken shape and taken hold while few of us were looking

A New York City public defender, Macie Wild, takes the homicide case of a burglar the tabloids have named the ‘Buzz Killer’ for his MO of lobby-buzzing apartments to select his burglary targets. But when he’s the victim of an attempted jailhouse killing and then someone tries to kill Macie, her murder case becomes something […]

Cut-outs, Assets and Plausible Deniability

The latest NoirPolitik Imogen Trager thriller, Emergency Powers–even more so that my earlier books Faithless Elector and Dark Network–focuses on the clandestine, not-so-cold battle between power hungry conspirators and Imogen’s FBI team.   Excerpt from Emergency Powers – (Imogen’s friend and colleague, Amanda Vega, tries to get a handle on what’s going on): “Until recently, Vega’s […]