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I’ve been fortunate (and honored!) to have my writing hosted on other writers’ blogs over the past few months–and ones that I read regularly! Tomorrow, my post “Decisions, decisions…” will come out on the Writers Who Kill blog. Beginning in late September/early October, my writing will again be hosted on other blogs, and I couldn’t be more excited!

writers-who-killThis summer, I’ve written primarily about the short story “Numbers Don’t Lie,” included in the charity anthology Low Down Dirty Vote, vol. 2Every Stolen Vote is a Crime, and I’m taken with the support and fellowship offered by crime writers. I’m deeply grateful.

In case you missed them, below, are links to the most recent guest blogs and appearances, including a brief outline of future appearances.

July 14, 2020 – Art Taylor’s The First Two Pages

Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 1.15.10 PM




July 8, 2020 – FacebookLive reading, excerpt “Numbers Don’t Lie”

FB-Live screenshot





July 7, 2020 – Do Some Damage (Scott Adlerberg)

Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 1.37.43 PM






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_JMc-contact20James McCrone is the author of the Imogen Trager political suspense-thrillers  Faithless Elector and Dark Network about a stolen presidency, a conspiracy, and a nation on edge.The third book, Emergency Powers, is coming October 1st.

He’s at work on a fourth book called Bastard Verdict (w/t) .




You can check out and review Emergency Powers for free on NetGalley.



The Imogen Trager #NoirPolitik Thrillers at a glance:

Faithless Elector – Everyone thinks the election is over, but six weeks is a long time in politics. An idealistic, young researcher stumbles onto a plot to steal the presidency, with deadly consequences.

Dark Network – Without law, there’s only power. FBI Agent Imogen Trager is alone and in grave danger from a conspiracy she failed to destroy. She’ll have to fight against time, a sinister network, and even her own colleagues to defeat it.

Emergency Powers (Oct. 1) – No battle plan survives contact with the enemy. The investigation that was FBI Agent Imogen Trager’s undoing may be the key to stopping a brutal, false flag terrorist attack meant to tighten a puppet president’s grip on power.


Find them all through  They are also  available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones (UK) and Powell’s Books.


If you live in Philadelphia, you can pick up your copies at Head House Books, or in Princeton at Cloak & Dagger Books.
For a full list of appearances and links to reviews, check out:





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